My git setup including GitHub and proxy

Goal 1:

Remember password (for 8 hours)  so I do not need to reenter it every time for https connection to Github from cygwin. Remember my username for GitHub.

Solution – append cygwin ~/.gitconfig with:

[url ""]
 insteadOf =
 helper = cache --timeout=28800

Goal 2:

While being AT WORK or VIA WOKR  VPN:
1) use proxy for (outside) non company git repo (e.g. github) and
2) do not use proxy for company internal git repo

set in windows: computer (right click) / advanced system settings / envoronment variables / set variable for user:

http_proxy --->
https_proxy --->
no_proxy --->,localhost

or use a setenv.bat script:

setx http_proxy ""
setx https_proxy ""
setx no_proxy ",localhost"

cygwin settings in ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile:

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=

File/settings/Apperance and Behaviour/System settings/HTTP proxy: check autodetect proxy settings

set proxy settings to eclipse: window/preferences/general/network connections/active provider: native

Tortoise GIT:
Network: proxy NOT enabled

http and https proxy commented as not used


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